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"Executive coaches are not for the meek. They're for people who value unambiguous feedback. All coaches have one thing in common, it's that they are ruthlessly results-oriented."
Fast Company


Dr. Don Carmont is a Certified Master Coach with the Behavioral Coaching Institute, and offers a variety of coaching opportunities for qualified clients who are committed to their personal and professional development.


Dr. Donald Carmont offers executive, management, leadership and life coaching to clients through Executive Coachworx. For information on the services offered go to www.executivecoachworx.com


Executive Coachworx™ is dedicated to assisting executives “one at a time” in maximizing their talent as effective leaders and managers by providing an individualized mastery growth and skill development process based on the Executive’s needs and potentials.


Executive Coachworx™ focuses on behavioural based coaching within the context of four models described below. Coaching models explain how individual factors such as knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and beliefs, prior experience, and personality influence behavioural choices that shape executive leadership. Based on an assessment of the executive’s needs, we select the appropriate methodology for the individual executive. This creates a supportive environment where executives achieve a higher level of self-understanding, become more effective and confident leaders, and enhance their abilities to manage self, others and organizational change. To achieve the above, Executive Coachworx™ uses the following multimodal approaches:


Model A: Stages of change/transtheoretical model

  • Readiness to change or attempt to change behaviour varies among individuals and within an individual over time. Reinforcement and practice is utilized to prevent the common occurrence of relapse which is a normal part of the transition process of change.

Model B: Social cognitive theory/social learning theory

  • Behaviour is explained by dynamic interaction among personal factors, environmental influences, and behaviour.


Model C: Theory of reasoned action/theory of planned behaviour

  • People are rational beings whose specific behaviours stem from intentions that are shaped by beliefs, attitudes, subjective norms, and perceived behavioural control.
  • As heightened awareness is achieved, individuals are more likely to align behaviours with actual outcomes to achieve congruity between beliefs and behaviours

Model D: Solution focused theory

  • This approach assumes that the client has the answers within that can be discovered through the coaching process
  • Critical elements of trust and commitment are fostered in the partnership to achieve behavioural change and develop constructive solutions


The Talent Model™ and Trimetrix™ Assessment Approach


Executive Coachworx™ uses the Talent Model™ and the Trimetrix™ Assessment System as the diagnostic basis for coaching. Each executive has a unique talent model derived from the intersection of soft skills, attributes, values, and behaviours. We assess each of these dimensions to provide an integrated view of the “whole executive person” using these and other assessment tools. In collaboration with the executive we define the competency gaps in three performance arenas and design an individual Executive Learning and Development Path (ELDP) that focuses on the following:

  • Interpersonal/Intrapersonal competencies
  • Business management/leadership competencies
  • Self-management competency



Executive Coachworx™— An Investment in Mastering Leadership


The Executive Coachworx™ process is a planned series of structured, confidential and personalized one-on-one meetings between the executive and a trusted mentor to identify development needs, unlock potential and close gaps where the executive currently is and would like to be.


Through the provision of insight, information, assessment tools, guidance and feedback, we help executives build leadership and managerial effectiveness and improve focus, clarity and capacity.


We focus on behavioural change, work motivation and the soft skill attributes needed by executives to meet daily organizational challenges and prepare for strategic leadership, management, and organizational development through the following tools and processes:

  • Executrax™ Program
  • Executive Coachworx™ Benefits
  • Online Assessment and Development Tools

Executrax™ Program


Our proprietary Executrax™ program enables the coach and executive to collaboratively develop an Executive Learning and Development Path (ELDP) to enhance the executive’s personal and professional performance and productivity.


Stages in the Executrax™ Program

  • Self Awareness—Self assessment and organization scan
  • Self Acceptance—Talent gap analysis, diagnosis and review
  • Self Development—Goal-Setting and action planning for growth and development
  • Self Affirmation—Workplace application and practice

Steps in the Executrax™ Program

  • Meet with the executive to develop a context, ground rules, processes, engagement steps and standards
  • Building on our Talent DNA Model™, we collect data through the Trimetrix Personal Talent /Job System position benchmarking and OrgScan™ process
  • The above data is supplemented with 360-degree feedback, interviews with key stakeholders and other assessment techniques
  • Review and interpret assessment results and identify the executive’s desired development path (ELDP)

Executive Coachworx™ Benefits


The coaching context provides a safe place to offload

  • Using an executive coach allows the executive to offload concerns and issues without fear of making a career-limiting move
  • The coach offers confidentiality and a valuable objective perspective

The executive is motivated and energized

  • Being guided through the challenges of one’s working life releases energy and enthusiasm

The coach gives unbiased practical support

  • The executive coach functions free from prejudices and expectations that may exist elsewhere
  • The coach brings objectivity and clarity that enables the executive to arrive at practical solutions and options

The coach brings expertise, experience and resources

The coach can function independently from internal corporate politics

An executive will experience an increase in levels of confidence

  • The unconditional support and fresh perspective offered by the coach results in increased self-confidence for the executive

The executive will increase effectiveness in areas of both strength and weakness

  • The coach will challenge the executive to apply new practices, build key skills and apply new techniques to leverage their leadership talent

The executive will experience the power and possibility in coaching others

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