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Dr. Don's positive impact on our people was immediate with enduring outcomes during our formative years at ISC. His contributions established the culture of customer service and process excellence that remains within ISC today.

—Ken Budzak, Senior Manager, 
ISC Regina SK

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Meet Don Carmont

Dr. Don Carmont is a leadership catalyst and a training and development specialist, who brings to his consulting practice an expertise in “people skills,” gained from more than forty years of leadership, teaching, training, writing and public speaking to hundreds of thousands of people in nearly thirty countries.

Don’s Training and Development Philosophy

Don believes that adults learn best when the new learning can be tied to prior knowledge, current abilities and skills. Therefore he employs a Principle-Based Learning approach. Don wants participants to exit a training experience with the ability to say to themselves, “I knew that,” since people are more likely to apply approaches and techniques when they connect them with principles that they already know and accept. Don sees his role as a facilitator of learning; in training he seeks to enable learners to make a connection between the new learning and principles they already innately recognize to be true, believing that when this happens, they will have already made an intrinsic application.

Don's Knowledge and Expertise

With an MA in management, and a Ph.D. in communications, Don has designed, developed and delivered training programs, leadership development courses, and several thousand seminar sessions to international conferences, graduate school classrooms, and on-site for organizations in both public and private sector, from American Express to Zurich Life. Don is a certified Master Coach with the global Behavioral Coaching Institute and partner in ExecutiveCoachworx.

Don’s Facilitation Experience

Dr. Don Carmont is often described as a “veteran” facilitator, having delivered hundreds of public and on-site programs on a wide array of topics. More than 10,000 organizations have had employees in attendance at seminars that Don has conducted throughout Canada, the US, the UK and Asia. In addition to the work through his private practice, he has conducted both public and on-site programs through the most respected seminar and training companies in the world including: The Canadian Management Centre, The American Management Association, Waterloo Management and Education Centre, CareerTrack, and SkillPath.

Don's Achievements as a Practitioner

  • More than forty years of leadership, teaching, training, writing and public speaking to hundreds of thousands of people in nearly thirty countries.
  • Delivered training programs to employees from more than 10,000 organizations throughout Canada, the US, the UK and Asia.
  • Served as a consultant and director on numerous international boards
  • Became top producer in North America in a leading financial services company
  • Led a multi-million dollar non-profit organization
  • Led a non-profit organization in doubling its revenues over a five-year period
  • Hosted daily radio and weekly television programs for more than a decade
  • Addressed audiences up to 10,000

Don’s Certifications, Diplomas and Degrees

  • Member of the American Society of Training and Development
  • Holds an M.A. and Ph.D. and two honorary doctorates
  • Certified Master Coach with the Behavioral Coaching Institute

Don's Articles, Publications and Media Guest Spots

  • Interviewed on PBS and other television stations on "Overcoming Workplace Negativity"
  • Series of articles published in international magazines
  • Author of book on Mentoring Skills, The Naked Mentor

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